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Welcome to Sports from the Basement!

The Home of Smart Online Sports Players.

Sports Betting & DFS Analysis and Predictions, Custom Bet Tracking & Analytics, Data Feeds & Services, and Games for All Major Sports plus Horse Racing.

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The Industry’s Best Analysis and Predictions

Sports from the Basement offers daily articles providing analysis and predictions for major sports betting, horse racing, and DFS. Articles give an overview and provide forecasts and tips.

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Advanced Analysis, Optimizers, and Book Comparison

SFTB Plus gives you advanced stats to help you bet on sports and horses, book comparisons to find the best odds from your books, research tools, and DFS optimizers to help create your perfect lineups.

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Track and Learn from Your Bets

SFTB Tracking gives you full tracking capabilities and allows you to learn from your results to bet better and make more money.

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Data Feeds & Services

Sports from the Basement data feeds allow you fast and easy access to power your custom solution or software with scores, stats, and schedules plus lines and predictions for all major sports including horse racing.

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