SFTB Parties

Parties from Sports from the Basement lets you create your own Sportsbook for you and your friends.

Once you’re logged in, you can create your own Party from our Party landing page. You’ll then select what events you’d like to include, and your sportsbook will be all set up.

Once set up, you can invite your friends to view your party, and choose whether they can make their own bets or have all bets come through you.

You and your friends will select bets you’d like to make, setting the line or over-under amount for the team and individual scores and statistics. Once a bet is made, your friends will see the bet and have an opportunity to accept the other side to make the bet LIVE. Propose as many bets as you’d like – and look for your friends’ bets to accept.

Bets can be made up until the event starts – when we’ll take over, scoring and totaling all of your wagers. We’ll do everything for you but handle the money.

Once the events are complete, check out the totals at the bottom of the party detail pay to see each users’ balance.

Current Sports:

  • NFL Football
  • NCAA Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • NCAA Basketball
  • MLB Baseball
  • Soccer (American and European Leagues and Tournaments plus International Events)
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing